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About Tee Seabrone

Tiana Seabrone, known as Tee Seabrone, is an American fashion designer, author and entrepreneur born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She, along with her spouse, founded Tian Zevon, an international luxury handbag brand. She is also co-founder of Soeur, LLC - an online fashion store for women and the beauty business, Kure By Ky, which she operates with her daughter Kyler-Peyton. Her audience on social media came to know her as Modestee. On these platforms she is consistently inspiring others with self-help and business related content. 

Tee used her experience as the wardrobe stylist for her boutique, along with her passion for creating statement pieces, to form Tian Zevon. She has been writing since she was in elementary school where she wrote numerous fiction titles. She recently released a short series titled "Fire Your Boss," that gives aspiring entrepreneurs the tips and tools necessary to launch a start up and scale it to six figures. 

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